Art for Equines

Making A Difference For Animals In Need

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a huge soft spot in my heart for animals.  This is one way of helping.  A portion of the proceeds will benefit my two favorite animal rescues; DRU in Sandown, NH and CNEER in West Brookfield, MA

An amazing way to commemorate your equine partner while also doing some good for those in need.

For as long as I can remember, from very early childhood, I’ve had a strong compassion for animals.  There is no such thing as a bad animal . . . ever.  They do not enter this world with malice or contempt.  They want only to please us, whatever that may be.  Sadly, sometimes they are dealt a bad hand.  It breaks my heart in ways I can’t describe.  

Both, the Doberman Rescue Unlimited (DRU) and The Central New England Equine Rescue (CNEER) are small all-volunteer, non-profit, no-kill rescue organizations, sustained by the generosity of others.

the experience

  • through the design consultation we'll begin planning your custom portrait session around your equine partnership and Discipline.  We'll work together to determine the best setting and wardrobe, as well as explore options for displaying your art and where you envision seeing your pieces in your home.


  • the day of your session is fun and exciting!  We'll meet at your barn or boarding facility.  you'll get to dress up in your new outfit or show attire to look and feel your best.  with artistic lighting and composition we will create the images to be transformed into your art.  expect your portrait session to run about an hour.  while we certainly take the time needed to create the images during your session there is also no need to drag it out past the point of enjoyment either.  that said, every family, every child, every pet, every session is unique and the length of your custom portrait session will be adjusted accordingly.


  • shortly after your portrait session we will set up your view and order visit to the studio.  this is where we're able to view images in actual, real life sizes with framing samples to design your art pieces and collections and place your order.  it is recommended that all decision makers be present.


Rich Archival Pigments Are Embedded Onto A Fiber-Based Medium And Meticulously Enhanced.  Texture And Dimension Are Heightened With Various Painting Techniques And Finished With Multiple Coats Of Acrylic Glazing To Bring Forth Depth, Color And Character.  Each Wall Portrait Is Then Encased In A Custom, Hand-Crafted Frame Selected Specifically For The Individual Piece.  Heirloom Wall Portraits Ensure That Your Art And Your Legacy Will Be Preserved And Cherished For Years To Come. 

The Art for equines program is designed to help the equine rescue. A $99 donation to cNEER will replace your session fee.  Your Investment Will Vary Based On The Selections That You Choose.   Heirloom, Framed-Finished Wall Portrait Art Starts At $599, Accompanying Gift Portraits Are $299, Legacy Albums Start At $799. Create A Portrait Collection With Any Three Pieces And Save 15% Off The Wall Portrait Within The Collection.  While Your Total Investment May Range Anywhere From $299 Up, Most equestrians Invest Between $1,200 To $3,500 Or More With A fine art canvas Gallery Collection.

For more information or to reserve your session